Farm shop 

We sell all our fruit from our farm shop when in season. We also sell other produce from other local farms. Therefore all produce available from our farm has all either been grown on the farm or has been grown very locally. We understand the importance supporting local producers, as we ourselves like to be supported. Our customers tell us of their pleasure in being able to buy local, fresh, high quality produce direct from the farm at reasonable prices.

All the FRUIT sold at the farm - is grown on the farm. (39 varieties apples; 4 varieties pears; 10 varieties plums, damsons - PYO and ready picked; raspberries and blackberries - PYO, ready picked fresh and frozen.) We press our own fresh pressed apple juice from our own apples, mixed and single varieties which is available completely pure and untreated straight from the press. We also make our own cider vinegar from our own apple juice.

Produce from other local farms is sold at the shop: Local Potatoes from Frating; Local fresh vegetables from around the East Anglian region; Local Plants and fresh vegetables from a smallholding in Kirby-Cross; Local Honey from Tendring; Locally made Jams and Chutneys from Tendring; Local fresh free range eggs from Stanway near Colchester; meats from Wick Farm, Tolleshunt Major and Primrose Pork, Great Bromley; mushrooms from Great Bromley.

Home Baked Sweet and Savoury Dishes : We bake our own sweet and savoury dishes, using our own fresh fruit e.g. Cakes, Apple Gateaux, Pies, Tarts and Flans etc. These are often available freshly baked or frozen. However, it is best to order to ensure we have what you require. A full list of the produce we bake is available from the orchard tearoom, or if you require something different not on the list, or cooked in a different way, please ask.

Availability of fresh locally grown vegetables varies with the season. 
We sell honey produced by a local beekeeper from Tendring in 1lb jars of honey (runny and set), gift 'bear' jars, and occasionally honeycomb honey is sold through our shop. The honey varies in flavour, consistency, and colour depending on the type , (i.e. the flowers visited by the bees). Some of the honey will be from apple blossom, this is normally the darker, runny honey. The honey is pure, untreated and unblended. It has a smooth flavour and is very popular locally. Untreated honey retains intact many of the trace elements, nutrients and oils from the flowers which the bees have visited. These trace elements of local flowers are meant to have many health benefit, and are reputed to help ward off many modern day ailments.
Jams and Chutneys:
A  farmer from Tendring makes really good jams and chutneys. Most of the fruit and vegetables she uses she gets fresh, direct from local farms, including plums and damsons she picks herself from our orchards, or we pick it ready for her. We sell the jars of chutney and jam from our farm.
Cider Vinegar:
We make cider vinegar on our farm from pure apple juice with no additives. It is a very long process, first of all the apple juice is fermented in oak barrels out to dryness. The cider is then transferred to special vinegar barrels where a secondary 'fermentation' is carried out by encouraging the development of a natural 'mother vinegar'. The natural process slowly turns all the cider alcohol into vinegar acid. Once this has happened completely, the vinegar is bottled for sale. The vinegar is still 'live' i.e. unpasteurised when we sell it, which means it retains its natural goodness and rich flavours. It is used in cooking for salad dressings and vinegarette dressings, for a marinade ingredient and many more uses. It is also reputed to have very many health benefits about which many books and articles have been written.
We sell a small assortment of garden plants grown on a very small, local nursery at Kirby Cross. The species availability is dependant on season. I.e. Primulas in winter, Herbaceous Perennials from late March to early May, trailing basket plants and bedding plants from mid April, and Heathers in Autumn.
Farm Walks:
People are welcome to walk around the farm on request (at the farm shop) during blossom time in April an May, and at other times by prior arrangement. The farm can be quite muddy so please bring your wellies! There is a good network of public footpaths in the local area which cross some beautiful countryside, especially towards Holland Brook and towards the seafront if you wish to walk around the farm as part of your walk, please feel free to ask.

Park Fruit Farm, Pork Lane, Great Holland, Nr Frinton-on-sea, Essex. CO13 0ES

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Telephone 01255 674621 (shop hours)